How do I return my order?

You can return items from your order by following these steps:

1. Please fill out the return delivery note (return, quantity and reason).

2. Place the items that you want to return in the original reusable shipping bag or box and seal it properly.

3. Attach the prepaid return carrier label that was included in your original parcel to the outside of the parcel. Make sure to cover up or remove the original delivery bar code on the box. If you misplaced your prepaid return carrier label, please reach out to our Customer Service team and they will help generate a new returns label for you.

4. Drop the parcel at the nearest return point. To find the closest drop-off point to your location, please check the parcel carrier’s website. Please note that the return label indicates which parcel carrier you’ll need to use.

5. Do not forget to keep the return receipt from the courier until your refund has been processed.

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